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Permits to build are required for any new construction, reconstruction, or movement of any structure on a piece of property.  Harrison County Planning & Zoning issues, sites, reviews, and approves all permits for rural areas in Harrison County.


Permit to build applications for new construction, remodeling, or repairs are available from the Planning & Zoning Department.  These forms contain information necessary to properly process your request.  Also, if your new construction will be using a private sewage disposal or water supply, you will need to have a permit issued before the building permit.



Filing Fee


A filing fee shall be charged for each application to assist in deferring the cost of administrative review and legal publication.  The applicant shall be held responsible for submitting the required filing fees upon

submission of the completed application.  No action shall be taken on any application until the required fee is paid in full.



Fee Schedule


The Zoning Administrator is directed to issue a building permit and/or occupancy compliance certificate as required by this ordinance for proposed construction, reconstruction, alteration, location or use.


There are no fees charged to the State of Iowa, the United States Government, or any other political subdivision.


Contact the Zoning Administrator for current fees.



Fee Refund


Whether the request is granted or denied by either or both the Commission, County Board, or the Board of Adjustment, the applicant will not be entitled to a refund of the fee paid.



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